Castle of Bashtovë

Ala Bashtova (Castle Bashtova) rises near the village of Vile-Bashtova at a distance of 3-4 km, north of the mouth of the river Shkumbin. The castle was built in the 15th century and served the Venetians, for trade exchanges. The Bashtova area is mentioned as a river port in Shkumbin as well as a grain export center. The castle has a quadrangular shape with dimensions of 60 x 90 meters. Its western part was rebuilt in the 18th century.

Its walls have a height of 9 meters, it is thought that this Castle or Castle was 2 floors, where on its floor is sunk below the ground. Bashtova Castle is a valuable cultural monument that you will find only a few km outside of Kavaja and that testifies to the traces of civilization and civilization. The special feature of this Castle or Castle is that this Castle is the only Castle in the Balkans built in field. Its surroundings have remained complete and today are preserved as a cultural monument by the Albanian state. In this castle are celebrated and MISS ALBANIA 2012.

Today this monument is visited by many local and foreign tourists. Bashtova Castle (Castle Bashtova) is a cultural assets and more value. In this cultural monument are found, cultural objects or things that prove an ancient history not only for the Castle but also for the village of Vile-Bashtova. The items found in this monument are preserved today in the National Museum in Tirana .Around the castle blooms a laurel forest, which in addition to being declared a natural monument, also creates a very attractive environment for outdoor picnics. From the castle walls you can observe the coast in the palm of your hand, from the Bay of Durrës to Divjaka and Karavasta. To visit this Castle, you have to pass the village of Vile-Bashtove, or to the west of the village. The castle of Bashtove is a real miracle.

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