The Funky Moustache

Healthy Food, Fresh Fruit Juice and a GREAT selection of nature’s best hand picked ingredients.Our body naturally heals itself; but throughout the years, we have accumulated toxins from the foods we eat and from our unhealthy lifestyle. Because of this, our body’s ability to absorb nutrients and to eliminate harmful agents has deteriorated.Consuming fresh produce regularly helps lessen this problem, but not as quick as juicing your fruits and vegetables because their nutrients go directly into the blood stream and to wherever they need to be in the body. Juicing has proved to assist the body in its natural detoxification process, removing toxic build-up that is the root cause of many medical problems.
Juicing is also good for keeping the digestive system healthy. Fresh juice extracted from raw fruits and vegetables contain plenty of active enzymes that proved to be beneficial for digestive health. These healthy enzymes are destroyed by heat, so food that is cooked above 114 degrees can no longer offer the benefits that these enzymes offer.

Fresh fruit juices have also been discovered to boost the immune system and fight different kinds medical conditions, including cancer. The weight loss as well as improved energy and vitality are only the side effects of juicing.
Juicing is especially recommended to those who are not fond of vegetables as it is a good way of achieving your recommended daily amount of whole fruits and vegetables in an efficient way.
The National Cancer Institute recently recommended 5 servings of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables daily. Unless you have plenty of spare time to make meal plans and cook dishes that incorporates the recommendation, why not juice the fruits and vegetables into a single glass and save yourself a lot of time and effort?
Needless to say, juicing is good for your entire body. Through this method, you will be able to get the maximum benefits of each fruit and vegetable you juice.
At The Funky Moustache we serve up the most health promoting and disease fighting foods that are equally delicious + nutritious.

The Funky Moustache is more than just a nutritious café, it is a community space bringing together people who are passionate about sharing ideas about health, wellbeing, healing and self education and making a stand for their body’s miraculous ability to heal.
We exist to be the place to go to boost your wellbeing in Tirana. Be it through a vitality filled juice, a tantalising salad, a guilt-free healthy cake, through lapping up the vibe of the café, or interacting with the upbeat Funky Moustache family.
The Funky Moustache is serving up sunshine every day of the week.

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